Tips for christening gifts for baby boys


Christenings are important life event and if you are invited to a christening of your friend’s baby, then keep in mind that they have high regards for you. To repay that, it is better to present a good christening gift during the event. Deciding on buying proper christening gifts can be difficult particularly when this is the first time you are going to attend such an event. Various gifts can be chosen from the available lot.

Some of the best christening gifts that are available are given below.

Traditional christening giftsbox

There are various cultures, and traditional gifts are something that families usually purchase. For example, in Greek christening- the christening outfit and a necklace with a gold cross are provided by Godparents.

In most traditions, the christening gifts are given the form of commemorative keepsake. For example, a silver mug, lockets, and spoon are given as christening gifts. But this all depends on the family to whom you are gifting the christening gifts. If the family is modest, then they usually expect christening gifts to be of more daily or practical use such as clothing, etc. The high-quality keep-safe gifts are given by close friends or relatives. Some of the popular christening gifts that fall under traditional gifts are photo frames, money boxes, and nursery ware.

Contemporary christening gifts

If you are interested in giving gifts that are not related to tradition, then you can ask the baby’s parents to get an insight of what their child will like. Baby boy clothes mostly of blue color will be very useful. Puzzles or toys like cars, bikes, rangers which boys are more interested in can also be valuable christening gifts. Personalize mugs with the baby’s name on it or towel with the baby’s picture can also be good christening gifts.

If you are planning on giving money as a gift, ensure that the parents are okay with it. Because each people take money gifts in a different way.

Religious items such as the cross, bible, or even rosary beads can also be given as christening gifts for boys. The christening gifts are given after post-ceremony celebration, and the parents choose to open the gifts after the celebration is over.

giftsSome of the other christening gifts for boys includes pen set, woodwork tools, nice book set, wooden chair, premium bonds, Oxford Dictionary, Kaloo set (knife, fork, spoon, cup, bowl, and plate), preparing cakes with the baby’s picture on it. These are some of the best christening gifts that can be born for baby boys. It is important to note that while buying dresses it is important to check the size of the dresses and buy dresses that are little big so that it can be kept for another year or so. Christening certificate are also better christening gifts since kids often lose their certificates and this gift will be of special and sentimental value to the family